I Love You

[Na Prática]

Esta carta é escrita por um português em inglês. É assim, o Vasco, multicultural, na vida, nas palavras e no amor que tem no coração. ❤ É para nós um privilégio que faça parte da nossa vida. Fica aqui, de jeito simples e genuíno, o seu espelho, relembrando-nos  importância de sermos intencionais e conscientes, em nós mesmos, nas nossas relações.

For those who share a few personality traits with me, I’m easy to decode and understand, for the most part. However, since not everybody is required to know what means or entails, here it goes, my real me, as you’d previously asked for:

– I like to be sweet to people. I also like to make jokes about all sorts of things, both serious and frivolous, but it’s always based on the knowledge that I cherish and appreciate that person, and that nothing I ever do or say will have the intention to hurt or belittle that person. All my jokes, even the ones about the serious stuff, are a way of saying “I see you and you can trust me. I know what this means and you’re safe with me.”

– I hate corny stuff. I have never written a Facebook post or anything similar professing my love to someone or something, and I’ve never used a Paulo Coelho quote to get me out of trouble. However, good, sweet (please see previous point) things exist to be said and done. Not because you kind of have the impression that is what people do or say, but rather because your soul compels you to do and say them. I don’t want to say what everyone says just because they say it. But having the trust between two people to be able to say something that has been overused, in some corny way, thousands or millions of times is one of the best things I have ever learnt in my lifetime. Saying “I love you” or “You’ve been the best thing (or one of the best things) that’s happened to me” sounds awful when you say it gratuitously, but when it’s meant from the heart, there’s something that gets built, strengthened, shared, a secret between two people of the best kind.

– I like being around people who don’t get mad because I take too much time to speak about whatever I want and need to. I’ve been accused of being weird and not like everyone else hundreds of time by all sorts of people, and for quite some time I thought I was broken somehow. It took me ages to realise I was just different from the people around me in that respect, and therefore I want to be with people who, even if they don’t necessarily like the time I take to get around to things, allow me that time, for as long as I need, and create a safe space for me to reveal myself in all my entirety.

– If I envision a relationship in my head (and especially with you), I think of all the ways we could make each other better, me showing you there are better ways and days ahead, you giving me attention and time I need to expose my demons so I can understand they’re not that important anyway. I envision some way to ensure that both of us feel validated and understood, desired and free – with moments for serious conversations, supermarket talk and gossip, as well as jokes at each other’s expense. I envision it as a way, one of the best, to grow at every level.

– As a true romantic, I want good memories, great memories. I want to live with someone without whom I can’t imagine life. Not that it has to be the only way to live life, of course, but someone who makes me think “I wouldn’t change this for the world”, even if that person sometimes drives me crazy. I want to belong to that person, not in any conventional way, but in the way that leaves an indelible, invisible mark everywhere I go. Things will not always be rosy, but that link, those memories will serve to hold the boat when it starts rocking.

– I love surprises. Giving them and receiving them. Therefore, expect to be surprised as often as I can. I want there to be multiple, random signs of the love I feel for you everywhere, for no other reason than just because. I want to welcome you home and make great love to you, whether it’s rushed from the need to have it or taking our time to discover new things or re-discover ourselves.

– I would like to marry you not because that is what everyone our age is supposed to do or because we have a daughter, but because I would like to keep finding new ways to renew and deepen our commitment. I would like for the whole world to know that, more than the fact that I’m yours, it’s the fact that I want to be yours.

– I want to see you blossom into the person you say you want to be. I want to play a part in it. I want to bear witness to that whole process and help you in any way I can and talk about it 40 years from now when we’re old and grey (in my case, more bald than grey).

– I want to keep pushing myself to the limit, both physically and mentally, because that is just what I do. It’s hard for me to put it into words, but I just wouldn’t be able to live with myself if I died knowing that I could have done more, that I could have learnt more, that I could have loved more. I want to hold nothing back. I want to resent nothing. I want to regret nothing.

– I want to live here. And in the next place we’re going to live. It will not always be easy, mostly because I miss my connections, my previous links, but it will be absolutely worth it if you let me into your heart and soul, and if we’re able to build a life that no other two people would be able to build, for better or for worse.

– I love you.

Vasco Mota Pereira

Créditos da Foto: Aly Yahya


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